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More than just a studio, we're all about helping you finish and release your creations.


Whether it's putting up a microphone and hitting record for you, creating a beat for your fire verse or composing a theme song for your TV programme. We have the equipment, expertise and experience to help you record your music, podcast and so much more...


The Fox Control Studio is a thirty square metre acoustically treated and sound proofed space. This means recording drums at night or whispy vocals through the day is not a problem. With a calibre of equipment that includes SSL, BAE (Neve), Neuman, AKG, Universial Audio and much more we have the tools to create a commercially ready product.

Moreover, many clients want to do location recording, want to create a sound scape for a bus (done that), call waiting music (done that) or need audio for a public interactive furniture installation (so many times)... We understand that being creative is about being individual and no two creative projects are exactly the same. Why don't you contact us now and lets see how we can help you achieve your project goals.


Perhaps you want to learn how to produce your own fire beats using Ableton Live or how to improvise blues guitar. With 15 years teaching experience, including tertiary we offer 30min and 1 hour lessons. We also have programmes around music technology designed for schools and even day care centres.

Other Studio Services​
  • Producing
  • Composition
  • Trouble-shooting & Consultation

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Liv: So we had the raw bulk of it, but Huw was integral in taking the production that step further and layering in sounds we wouldn’t have thought to use, techniques we weren’t familiar with etc.

Jamé: He has such a depth of knowledge of how to engineer electronic music, so he really focused on the sound we had and developed it at a much more masterful level than we could have.

Jacob Ridgeway

Working with Huw in the studio is such an amazing and honest process of collaboration. It makes it such much easier that Huw is such a well-rounded musician and technician in the studio in any genre.

Michael V Heckler

With the help of Fox Control Music, I have successfully transitioned from an amateur bedroom beat maker into a functioning working professional within the music industry.

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