Clever Fox Studio Services

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Training and Tuition

Catered to a wide variety of environments from individuals to institutions students will acquire skills that can be applied to a broad spectrum of applications from guitar technique, musical theory, performance, song writing, studio production and even STEM applications. 


Students will be able to create/ record/ produce songs and audio product in any number of contemporary styles and for personal satisfaction, stage, media and TV.


Bespoke programs can be created through consultation with individuals and institutions such as 'Applying tech to performance' or 'Incorporating contemporary music making tech into the classroom'. 

As a qualified trainer Huw has been running Ableton, STEM, guitar and music technology workshops privately in his own studio, in schools, for universities and technical colleges.

For private or group sessions click over to the contact page and send Huw a msg and let us see how we can develop your skills.

Dan Wilson

Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts at Lambton High School

'Making music is always fun, but Huw Jones is next level. From the moment he engages with you there is an excitement and passion which sets up any work session or lesson perfectly. Beginners or advanced users are so well catered for. What impressed me the most was how he could cater for different levels of users in the one room.' 


Mark Cox, Parent of 12yr old Private Production Student Arlo

'Huw’s music production course covered everything from recording traditional instruments to producing loop based electronic music in a fun, hands on style environment.  Huw Jones’ music production course is so fun, creative and inspirational, it may have deviated my 12 year old from his chosen career path - doctor or Deejay? For my 12 year old son it was not just a fun and creative way to spend the summer holidays but also a life changing affirmation.​


I can highly recommend Huw Jones’ music production course for anyone looking to give their kids a fun, creative, hands-on experience and one likely to result in a life-long passion creating fresh and original music.'

Melinda Boyd, Parent of 15yr old Private Production

Student Mathew Boyd

Huw is an excellent and dedicated music production teacher who has both encouraged and pushed my son to reach new heights in his own music production. Huw's passion for all things music is clear...and contagious! 

From a parent's perspective, he is really easy to get along with and does a great job helping my son meet his high school music requirements.

From my son's perspective, he loves that fact that Huw knows the Ableton program inside and out and has so much ongoing industry and performance experience to share, which makes him a very cool mentor...

Recording and Production

Release that track!

Whether you are starting from scratch, have a partly tracked out tune or just want to do a session to see how you can develop your creative work. It's important to finish that creative endeavour to share it with the world.

With a studio that has been designed for fast tracking ideas and an arsenal of tools i.e. Neumann, AKG and other assorted microphones, many guitars, basses, pedals, amplifiers, drums, percussion, vinyl collection, midi controllers, plugins such as NI Komplete, Universial Audio, Waves and more boutique selections as well as an array of wild and wacky music making devices. We have more then enough to make sure you get a commercial quality product.

  • Should you need something that's not there we can be resourceful and seek to to borrow or hire what it is you desire.

  • Should you need session musicians we are very lucky to know some very talented musicians who have played with some of the countries leading acts from country to hip-hop.

  • Want to record all day an all night? That's not a problem. Live in the studio and emerge in your creative project.

To see some of Huw's work head back to the home page  Then, if you are interested to do some work at Clever Fox use the details on the contact page to book a session or chat further about what we can do help you achieve your creative goal

Josh Davidson

'I had a fantastic time recording with Huw at Clever Fox Studio. Comfortable, relaxing environment run by a guy who really knows what he’s doing. He was super keen to make sure that I liked what I heard as the songwriter and was constantly looking for ways to make me happy with the product.


Liv Gritten

'Huw was integral in taking the production that step further and layering in sounds we wouldn’t have thought to use, techniques we weren’t familiar with etc.'



'He (Huw Jones) has such a depth of knowledge of how to engineer electronic music, so he really focused on the sound we had and developed it at a much more masterful level than we could have.'

Composition for stage and media

The need for music for media production is greater than ever. From social media content to webcasts, short features, digital streaming and more. The sound track or audio branding can set a piece of work apart from the crowd, either by being instantly recognisable or enhancing a piece of works emotive capacity. Huw has had much experience and won awards for composing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering for many forms of media and stage performances. Many examples can be seen by returning to the home page and clicking on the images.

If you have a creative project in mind head over to the contact page and be in touch. Even if it is just to ask a question or voice some ideas. Huw loves a project and is always curious to hear about or try new creative approaches.

Tamara Gazzard, Theatre-maker and Producer with Paper Cut and Tantrum Youth Arts

“I’ve been lucky to engage Huw on several sound design projects for theatre and contemporary performance over the past 5 years. Each one has been an inspiring experience. He brings such an incredible wealth of knowledge, creativity and practical know-how to the role – we always know that whatever we need, Huw will be able to deliver. He is an exceptional collaborator - great at listening and responding to our work as it’s developing and composing soundscape and original music to heighten, underscore and fully realise the creative intent. Huw’s infectious enthusiasm and positivity is an asset to any team. I would recommend Huw wholeheartedly for any creative project.” 

Lucy Shepherd - previous Artistic Director of Tantrum Youth Arts, and independent theatre maker.

​'Huw Jones is an exceptional collaborator and musician. I have collaborated with him on various Theatre projects and he always delivers outstanding and insightful musical soundtracks and scores. He listens, experiments, shares, takes on feedback and delivers phenomenal, innovative music every time. He is a pleasure to work with and never fails to impress. He works well with children as well as adults and takes on every job with great enthusiasm and professionalism.'

Beat production and ghost producing 

If you are serious about developing a career in the entertainment industry you need a high quality and original product to market and sell that will distinguish you from the heard.


Do you;

  • Need music to hype a crowd?

  • Need musicians to produce the music you have hold in your imagination? 

  • Need more than free youtube beats to establish themselves as a voice to be listened too?

By engaging Huw's studio, composition, musical and production services you are bound to get an original sound that you can then release, tour and ultimately connect to fans with. Tracks Huw has created have debuted at #1 on iTunes Charts, had radio airplay and have been featured on digital and free to air media platforms.

To see some of Huw's work head back to the home page  Then, if you are interested to do some work at Clever Fox use the details on the contact page to book a session or chat further about what we can do help you achieve your creative goal

Sound and art installations


'Art is used to decorate space and sound is used to decorate time.'

A sound instillation can often provide an amazing feature and talking point for an event or space you may be looking to activate. Examples of these activities Huw has done in the past include:

  • Newcastle Art Gallery, musical paint; Conductive paint connected to synthesisers that oscillate when the the brush touches the canvas

  • Location music played on a bus for a mobile theatre production 'Hello Stranger', by Tantrum Theatre.

  • Musical Garden: Turning a garden into a live synthesiser by using the conductive element of trees to trigger oscillators when touched

A sound instillation can be really imaginative and very special. Maybe you have an idea you would like to realise or maybe you are reaching out to see what we can achieve. If you have a creative project in mind head over to the contact page and be in touch. Even if it is just to ask a question or voice some ideas.